Your Virtual Assistant Helping You Transform and Grow Your Business.

Tammy Schaefer

Long ago, and far away we woke up, rushed around to get ourselves and our family ready, so we could make it to the office on time — We had a team of support staff to lean on for all the things we needed to get done every day.

Fast-forward a few decades and a lot has changed. Many of us have embraced the lifestyle of an entrepreneur. We have a home office or an office space. We’re living the dream, but there’s no team to call when we need help.

It’s difficult to find work/life balance when we have to struggle with all the little things that used to be someone else’s responsibility. It’s all on us to market ourselves, keep in contact with our customer base and keep the office running efficiently, etc.

As a Virtual Assistant, it’s my passion to help you bring order to the chaos and put systems in place — so that you can get back to doing business and have time for family and friends again.

Online Research

Do you wish you had help finding the most effective solution for a specific problem? Do you dislike online shopping for supplies or equipment? Do you struggle with finding the perfect gift for your clients? Read more.

Website Updates

Does your website intimidate you or maybe you don’t have one? I can help you set up a domain, set up a website, and more. Find out more on my services page. Read more

General Admin Support

Do you know what you need to do, but just don’t have the time to do it all? Don’t have time to learn how to automate procedures or need help with the little everyday tasks it takes to run seamlessly? Read more.

My Client Base and Product Sales  have greatly increased because of Tammy’s work, diligence and follow through.

Liz Kendall
Independent Sales Rep.
Atomy USA