Things I Can’t Live Without: Guestpix 

Photo by Jean-Pierre Brungs on Unsplash

At my daughter’s wedding, we used a photo capture technology called Guestpix. It allows you to print a barcode or give a link to your guests, so they can upload any pictures they take into one central location. It doesn’t require downloading an app and is very easy to use. 
You can use it for things like weddings, parties, conferences, etc. It’s very reasonably priced and makes it fun for everyone to be part of the celebration. 
We enjoyed seeing all the different pictures taken by our guests and the best part was we didn’t have to develop film, or chase anyone down to get their pictures. We got to capture many moments we missed because there were so many people we didn’t have time to interact with. We got to see some of the less formal moments of the wedding and reception that were missed in the professional photos.
Your guests have 3 months to upload the pictures you’ve taken, so it lets you capture more than just the event itself, but even things around the event. We have a second reception in Pennsylvania for all the people who couldn’t attend the event in Florida and now they can all be included in the fun too. We get to keep all the memories in one easy-to-access place.
Have you used Guestpix? What did you like best about it? What events do you think you could use this technology for?

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