Things I Can’t Live Without: My Car, Mocha Latte

My Car, Mocha Latte

My cars become an extension of me, a trusted companion on the road, and I enjoy naming them. My husband and I left the Stuart area in 2017, got rid of just about everything except what we could fit in our vehicles, and went on the road with our jobs.

On one of my trips to visit my daughter in North Carolina, my first Kia Soul, Kiah, lost all of her oil because of a stripped oil plug and we made it to the light just off the exit ramp in Cary before she gave up the ghost.

It was a sad day for me because Kiah and I had driven many miles together and she was like a trusted friend. Thankfully, I was able to go car shopping with my daughter and her then-boyfriend and found Mocha Latte!

She was a little different than Kiah, but she still fit all of my belongings, she was a manual transmission (which is a must for me), and she had fewer miles.  I was able to purchase her, transfer all of my belongings, and drive back to Pembroke Pines in South Florida, where my husband and I were working at the time.

We landed back home in Stuart a few years ago, so we don’t have the excitement of the open road like we used to, but she’s still my trusty companion who enjoys the occasional road trip with me. 

She’s still going strong and has never left me sitting anywhere and we just replaced her tires for the first time this week. I’d say we’re a good pair.

Do you name your cars? Do you like road trips? Hit reply and let me know I’m not the only crazy one!

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