How to be Your Clients’ “Confident Captain”!

A Sailboat deck, sailing calm waters
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One of the movies that reminds me of the relationship we should have with our clients as we help them reach the next level is Six Days and Seven Nights. Here’s a link to a light-hearted clip from this movie that reveals how our clients may feel during this process of change and growth.

Our clients will probably not verbalize the need for us to be their “confident captain”, but they may be feeling anxious about what’s coming.

Here are some tips to help you navigate this path with them and give them what they need to have confidence as you move forward:

Keep Calm and Steady

Navigating change in business is quite the journey, and let’s be honest, it rarely follows a straight path. As service-based business owners, it’s our job to be the calm in the storm for our clients. Everyone handles the pressure differently, so learning how to project a calming presence is essential to diffusing the tension when challenges come.

Being the Go-To Person

Imagine sitting down with a friend over coffee. That’s how our clients should feel when they come to us – comfortable and confident. It’s perfectly okay to say, “I don’t know, but let’s figure this out.” Admitting when we’re stumped or when we’ve taken a wrong turn isn’t a weakness; it’s being real. And being real builds trust.

Be Aware of Your Clients Needs and Wants

Just like in “Six Days, Seven Nights,” you know that survival requires teamwork. It’s the same with our clients. It’s about collaboration and communication. The goal? To find solutions together that will work best for your client and their business over the long term. 

Victory Comes From Collaboration

Reach out to your community for help. Sometimes getting an outside perspective will help us find the solution when we are struggling. You never know who may have the answer you seek.

Embracing Change with a Smile

Yes, change can be messy. It can throw a wrench in the works. But who says we can’t tackle it with a smile? We’re here to smooth out the kinks and keep things as easy-going as possible. Got a challenge? No problem. We’ll work it out with a cool head and a steady hand.

Trust Building 101

Your clients are the stars of your show, and every good star needs a steady director. That’s you. Keep out of the drama, focus on steering the ship, and remember – bumps in the road are just that…bumps…not mountains.

Solutions Over Stress

In the world of service, it’s not about the spectacle of challenges but the art of solutions. Don’t just look at the problem in front of you, look for the opportunities it presents. It’s about perspective and reframing the perception to create new possibilities.

Taking a Step Back

Ever feel like you need a breather? That’s totally fine. Sometimes, stepping back is the best way to move forward. It’s not about ignoring the problem; it’s about getting a better view. Take a moment, reassess, and come back with a fresh mindset ready to tackle what’s ahead.

The Value of The Journey 

In a nutshell, we’re like the friend who’s there for the road trips and the detours alike. We keep things straightforward, we’re there when things get twisty, and we always look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Together with our clients, we’re not just overcoming obstacles; we’re setting out on an adventure toward success.

What obstacles or challenges have you helped a client or friend with lately?

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