Things I Can’t Live Without: My Daughter

Me and My Daughter

My daughter, Asia, has been my hero from a young age. She’s generous, has integrity, is hardworking, and loves deeply. We’ve built a special relationship few mothers and daughters share. 

One of the things that grew our relationship was a  pet-sitting business we shared for about 6 years. I started it and it grew so quickly, she came on board within a few months. It wasn’t easy for her to come on board and begin in her mother’s shadow. Some of the clients weren’t sure they could trust someone so young, but she kept showing up, developed her style, and found her client base. 

Today she’s embarking on her own business with Fractured Brilliance Mosaics. She teaches others the art of stained glass mosaics as well as continuing to improve her craft and creates masterpieces for those wanting to own an Asia original. She continues to teach me every day. 

Do you have an unexpected hero in your life? What’s your favorite thing about them? What lesson have they taught you by walking with you?

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