Making the Most of Email in Your Small Business

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

We all check our emails daily. Despite social media’s buzz, email quietly does the heavy lifting, keeping our work flowing smoothly. For small business owners, tapping into the full potential of email is a must. The trick? Ensuring your emails make a great first impression.

Here are two common areas where even seasoned pros can stumble:

The “From” Line Matters:

We’ve all been told about the importance of a catchy subject line. But the “from” line?That’s where trust starts. If it’s a name or a company we recognize, we’re intrigued enough to open. Otherwise, we might mistake it for spam and skip right over it.

For instance, receiving an email from “Pat” with no subject almost led me to miss out on important info, simply because the name didn’t ring a bell. It’s a reminder of how crucial clarity is in our digital introductions.

A simple fix? Use your full name and company name in the “from” line. It’s like extending a digital handshake, clear and welcoming.

Use a Custom Domain for Professionalism: 

Owning a domain allows you to create custom email addresses, which is a step up from generic ones. It’s surprising how many businesses overlook this, sticking with a Gmail or Yahoo address.

A small change from “”  to “” can significantly impact how professional your business appears. Plus, it’s a constant, subtle nudge towards your website every time you send an email.

Remember, email is an incredibly effective tool, but its impact depends on how you use it. With a few adjustments, you can ensure your business communications are both professional and engaging.

In what ways have you leveraged email to strengthen your brand identity? Could a custom domain be the next step in your branding strategy?

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