Things I Can’t Live Without: My Walking On Dry Land Painting

A good friend and mentor of mine paints beautiful pictures and each piece speaks to a specific person. When I first saw this painting, my husband and I had both recently lost our jobs and were living in the bedroom of a friend’s home.

This painting said to me, our path would open up. I told my friend, that if we had a place to live, I would buy it because it spoke to me. He kept the painting aside for over a year. 

About six months ago, we had a miracle. We were given the opportunity to rent a studio apartment very near a cute little downtown area that I’ve always dreamed of living in. It was a miracle because it fit into our budget, it was more than we could’ve hoped for, and it came just in the nick of time. 

I was able to purchase the painting from my friend and hang it where I can see it no matter where I am. It reminds me every day, that God will make a way, even when I see no way. Whenever I start to worry, It reminds me to rest in the knowledge that God’s got it. 

Do you have something that reminds you to keep believing and trusting it will work out?

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