What do you need to unlearn to help you in your Business?

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When starting a business, we can have preconceived notions about what it will be like. Things like, I’ll be on call. I’ll have to wait by the phone for my clients when they need me, or everything must be set up before I can even take a client.
We may think we have to be on call for our clients, but that’s not true. When we own our own business, we get to make the rules. It’s like a chiropractor I’ve used for a few years…he has unusual hours, and recently it’s been difficult for me to get in to see him because of my new schedule. 
His hours don’t change to suit me. He decided on the hours that work for him and if I can’t get to the office during those hours, that’s too bad. He has other clients who can, and he doesn’t need me.
Something I had to unlearn when I started my business was the idea that everything needed to be ready before I started. Things like my website, my logo, my business name, or my LinkedIn Page. 
While it may be comfortable to feel like we have all our ducks in a row before we start a new business or before we launch a new service, It’s not realistic.

While there are some things we can be prepared for, there is no way to be prepared for every possible contingency. Much like having a baby or getting married, you are never fully prepared, but you figure it out as you go.
Will you make mistakes? Yes, you will, and you will learn from them and become stronger and better as you move forward.
Businesses don’t fail because all the systems weren’t in place, or because little mistakes were made…they fail because we don’t have enough money coming in. That’s usually because we stop doing the things that bring in new clients.
When we have plenty of clients coming to us, we usually have what we need to get the job done. Sometimes, that’s money to buy a new tool to help us do the job, or we learn a more creative way to get the job done with less time and resources than we thought. 
Are you feeling trapped by your business? It’s time to look at your business with fresh eyes and make some new rules…shake things up a bit.
Are you keeping your business a secret because you’re afraid you aren’t ready yet?

It’s time to start putting yourself out there. Wouldn’t it be great to have a waiting list of people who need your services?

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