Are You Tired Of Scheduling Hassles?

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When you first start your business, you might have a few clients and it’s easy to schedule appointments. However, as your business grows it can be difficult to schedule appointments that work for everyone. 

What’s the solution? A Calendar app can make a big difference and help take the hassle out of the back and forth of scheduling. 
Here are 7 ways a scheduler can make life easier for you and your clients.

  1. A scheduler link to share on your website, social media, or in an email. When someone is seeking out your services they can quickly and easily schedule an appointment for a discovery call that works for both of you.
  2. Set availability and forget it, so people can only schedule meetings when it works for you. You can set specific days or hours dedicated only to meetings or block off times for client work. This helps you to set healthy boundaries and stick with them.
  3. Set up several different types of meetings and set daily, weekly, or monthly limits. It’s very easy to book meetings and forget about the time you need for client work. While I love a coffee chat as much as the next person, my client work, client updates, and potential client meetings need to come first. The calendar scheduler eliminates this problem.
  4. Create group or team meetings so you can avoid the time-consuming back and forth of trying to find the right time in everyone’s schedule. 
  5. Customize automated reminder emails to help eliminate no-shows. We’ve all been there; you schedule a meeting and sit there waiting for the other person because they forgot about the meeting. Having meeting reminders going out saves you time on check-in calls or remembering to email or message the other party to make sure your meeting is still on.
  6. Give yourself buffer time in between meetings, so you can make sure to take care of yourself by having lunch, using the restroom, taking a short walk to decompress, or grabbing a drink. This helps you remain fresh and ready for your next appointment.
  7. Collect payment at booking. You can set up a meeting type where you collect payment when someone books a meeting so they can pay upfront. This takes the hassle out of payment for both you and the client for consultation meetings.

These are just some of the features that will help save you and your clients time and will help you be in control of your schedule instead of feeling overwhelmed. It might take a little time at the front end but implementing a calendar scheduler will be a worthy investment.
TidyCal is what I use and also recommend to my clients. It’s developed by Appsumo and has a one-time, lifetime charge of $29. It offers all the features mentioned above and more. Your purchase will include any future updates at no additional charge.

When you’re running a business, those little monthly charges can add up and affect your bottom line. 
There are several calendar apps out there, so take some time to look at reviews and for the features you want. Some offer free versions you can try, but some can get rather pricey, so do your homework and make an informed decision. 
Do you use a Calendar App or are you thinking about trying one? If you use one, what features do you like best about it?

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