Things I Can’t Live Without: Google Calendar

Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

Google Calendar is my constant companion. It keeps me focused, organized, and in charge of my days. 
Google makes it easy to add events right from my email. I can look at my schedule a month, week, or day at a time. I consult my calendar several times a day to make sure I’m on point and not forgetting an appointment or an important task on my to-do list.
Color coding adds another benefit to keeping things clear and separates the different parts of my life–both personal and professional. I can set up notifications to remind me with an email or a notification on my phone, so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.
This week, I learned a new trick, you can click on a task right on your calendar and move it to another time or day. If you’re like me, and always scheduling way too many things into your days, this is an easy way to reassess your to-dos and make changes on the go.
Google Calendar is my lifeline, so I’m glad it is synced across all my devices so I always have access to it. 
What Calendar system do you use and what do you like best about it?

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