Will Motivation Help You Reach Your Goals?

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Back in 2016, I was struggling with fibromyalgia, among other things. One day, I decided something needed to change. The pain in my body was robbing me of my life, and I had reached the breaking point.
I reached out to a friend and mentor who was a personal trainer and asked for his help. Nothing changed until I had accountability with my friend. When I didn’t feel like getting up to go, I knew he would be waiting for me…and that kept me going.
After a year, I was up to three or four one-hour workouts a week and healthier than I had been since my 20s. I felt invincible! Then I went to Texas to attend a mission school and go on a mission trip. 
Over the next five years, I found myself on the road with my husband, living in hotel rooms. The extreme type of workout I was used to wasn’t compatible with my new lifestyle. During this time, I injured my back and was told I could never lift heavy weights again. 
There was the excuse I was looking for to stop trying to exercise. Since then I’ve gained weight and have even started struggling with my health again. I wanted to feel better but kept making the same self-destructive choices every day.  
Motivation won’t help us reach our goals because it’s not there when we need it to be. We must set up a plan to ensure we win. We need to choose action over motivation.
Using the guidelines in the last newsletter, I will share one of my goals with you and the plan I developed to reach it.
Here’s one personal goal: Tammy will release 10 to 15 pounds on or before October 1st, 2023.
Here are the changes I have made in my routine to help me meet this goal:

  1. Get up a half-hour earlier each morning to power walk.
  2. Slowly reduce sugar in my diet.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  4. Get ready to sleep at the same time every evening.
  5. Make it public to hold me accountable until the motivation kicks in.

 This process can be used to set any goal, personal or business. Remember setting one to three goals increases your chances of success.

  • This goal is deeply personal to me, and I’ve set up a realistic plan to get there.
  • This goal stretches me, but not to the point of impossibility. 
  • This goal is specific, and I will know if I completed it by October 1st.
  • This goal has got some flexibility to it. 
  • I’ve put myself out there to be held accountable by everyone who reads this newsletter.

Now it’s your turn! 
Share those goals with me by commenting below. Let’s choose action over motivation!

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