Things I Can’t Live Without: My Chiropractor

Dr. Shelley, Christine and I.

Over 25 years ago, I was introduced to the world of chiropractic while struggling with Fibromyalgia and TMJ. I struggled with severe headaches, constant pain, and many other debilitating symptoms.

The doctors in my life at the time had recommended a jaw replacement surgery and thankfully my health insurance wouldn’t cover the $30,000 surgery. Just when I thought all was lost, a friend gave me the name of a chiropractor who specialized in working with TMJ. 

On my first visit, Dr. Ranck adjusted my neck, released my locked jaw, and began teaching me ways to care for my body without unnecessary medications and surgeries. 

After moving to Florida, it was difficult to find a chiropractor who could measure up to Dr. Ranck in Pennsylvania. Fast forward 15 years and I’ve found Dr. Shelley(pictured above in the middle).

Terrapin Chiropractic is the name of her business, and she understands my needs. She knows how to treat me with a gentle touch and patiently wait for my body to respond. 

My body is beginning to heal again under her valuable guidance. If you are a local here on the Treasure Coast, take time to have a chat with her and see how she can help you.

Have you explored the world of alternative healthcare? What methods have worked best for you? Please share them with me in the comments!

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